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Since 1997


NYS Code Rule 59 Consultations

If you've received a letter from the NYS Department of Labor requiring you to comply with the Compulsory Workplace Safery & Loss Prevention Program or ICR 59 you are not alone! Our NYSDOL Certified Consultants are here to help you through the compliance process at a low rate. 

Experience Mod Rating Review 

Your Experience Mod or Loss Experience Rating can result in getting a charge or a discount on your workers' compensation policy, and it follows you wherever you go. Make sure that your rating is correct with a Mod Review, where a revision can mean money back in your pocket!


OSHA Recordkeeping

Maintaining OSHA Records and Logs can be confusing and burdensome. Let us handle it for you! All you have to do is keep us informed of any workplace accidents or injuries and we'll generate your OSHA Reports and Logs to keep you OSHA compliant throughout the year.

About CompSearch

Whether you received a letter from the NYS Department of Labor regarding Code Rule 59 Compliance, think there is an error within your loss experience rating, or you need help maintaining your OSHA Logs we at CompSearch are here for you. With over 50 years of combined experience in Workers' Compensation Claims Management, Safety Compliance, and Loss Experience Rating Analysis; our team has helped businesses both big and small save thousands of dollars!


Our in-house NYSDOL Certified Consultants will help take your safety standards to new heights and keep your costs low!  

About Us


179 S. Maple Avenue - Ridgewood, NJ 07450  Tel: 201-652-4956

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