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Experience Mod Rating Review

What is an Experience Mod Rating?

Mod Rating

Your Experience Mod Rating (also referred to as an EMR, Loss Experience Rating or Mod Rating) compares your workers compensation claims history to other employers' of similar size and within your industry. The rating will represent either a credit or a debit that is applied to your workers' compensation premium. In order to be eligible for a NY Mod Rating you must have a premium of at least $5,000 for a period of three years.

Why Should I Know My Experience Mod Rating?


Your Experience Mod Rating follows you wherever you go and could be impacting your business more than you think. For example a favorable Rating would earn your business a discount on your workers' compensation premium, while an unfavorable Rating will result in a charge. A favorable Experience Mod Rating could be the difference in winning a bid for a job, and missing out. Additionally if your Experience Mod Rating goes above a 1.20 you may be required to comply with NYS Code Rule 59 and failure to do so can turn costly for any business owner. 

Do Revisions Really Matter?


Yes! Even a tiny revision to your Experience Mod Rating can result in money back in your pocket! We've helped businesses all throughout New York recover thousands of dollars as the result of their Mod Review!

How Do We Work?

Business Meeting

No Reduction? No Recovery? No Fee! As part of our dedication to providing the best service to our clients, our fee is 100% contingent upon our findings. If our highly experienced staff cannot get your business a premium reduction or recovery than our services are free!


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