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NYS Code Rule 59 Consultations

Why Did I Receive a Letter?


In the state of New York, businesses that have a payroll at or above $800,000 and a Mod or Loss Experience Rating above a 1.20 are required to comply with ICR-59 and are notified by mail from the NYCIRB. ICR-59 requires employers to implement an approved safety and loss prevention program meeting specific criteria outlined by the NYSDOL.

Why Should I Comply with ICR-59?


Once you receive your letter the clock starts ticking. There are deadlines to which you must abide by and failure to do so will result in penalties being assessed to your business, including surcharges that will be applied to your workers' compensation policy. These surcharges will follow you wherever you go and increase annually until you have complied with ICR-59!

How Do We Work?

Signing Contract

Our goal is to help get your business into compliance as quickly as possible, making sure that you meet all of the required 12 points well ahead of schedule; and well before you receive a surcharge on your workers' compensation policy. We employ a highly efficient team of NYSDOL Certified Consultants that will be with you every step of the way and all a low flat-rate!


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